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Generic Klonopin is an FDA approved, prescription-only medication that is designed to treat seizures. It has been proven useful in the treatment of many types of seizures including myoclonic, atonic and absence seizures. Patients who take Klonopin benefit from this medication as it lowers anxiety, allows for good sleep, helps relax muscles and improves the patients' short term memory.

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Klonopin has been shown to lower the rate of occurrence of seizures in most epileptic patients and can completely eliminate seizures in some. This long term effect is also thought to be related to the fact that the body does not develop a tolerance to Klonopin over time. Klonopin also can aid in overcoming many of the side effects of anti-psychotic medications and can be used to treat the mania associated with bipolar syndrome. While not necessarily common uses of the drug, Klonopin has been prescribed by some physicians for patients who grind their teeth or suffer from bouts of restless leg syndrome.

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Social anxiety is a general feeling of discomfort when in a group of people that goes beyond just not liking being around other people but causes a person to completely avoid social situations. This makes it difficult to maintain any semblance of a normal life because it is just too difficult to be around other people. Klonopin is an excellent treatment option for social anxiety, as well as the other disorders mentioned, because it can be taken for long periods of time without the body developing a tolerance that would limit its effectiveness.

Over the years I have come to know many of you personally and have appreciated the level of trust invested in Some have thought the site was the product of a larger organization or company, still others thought it was run by a non-profit or other group. In the years its inception in 2000, it provided an active, safe haven for many to share their struggles, fears, hopes, and support.

Sadly, with the loss of key community members, came new members – new members to a group no one should have ever become a part of – the group intimately acquainted with ovarian cancer. was there to provide support for over 10 years. In 2012, however that changed in a way that wasn’t imagined and was certainly not the way it was hoped to be.

The truth is that for many of those 10 years, was primarily the work of one person. That person had come to the initial online discussion community and ended up staying on to help online for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC). She met several national, regional and local coalition members and leaders, including Gail Hayward its founder. After Gail’s passing and several changes in direction, was formed by the originator of the forums and the current person behind to continue the online forum (and other aspects) which provided support to many.

Over the years, several designs were prepared with the hope of extending the community beyond its original forum format. Addition of login security to reduce spamming and other features were on the list of needed “to do”s. Unfortunately, an untimely change in hosting support combined with a remote move for work resulted in being unavailable. The hope was to make the necessary updates, then reopen the site as soon as possible. But for this one person, there simply weren’t enough hours in the day. While she tried to hire a former developer colleague, that colleague too was already fully contracted. Since then, has remained silent.

It’s time for it to be reborn. needs someone.

If you know that someone or are that someone, please let me know.

It is time for the rebirth to begin…

Actually, far past time… needs you.